What's cool on the net is that folks can give you instant feedback on your music.

The song Johnny Fulsome got quite a few reviews.

"Loosey-goosey, messy mass of bluesy rockabilly filler. A fun little ditty." Audiogalaxy.com

"Evokes the best features of early rock-a-billy, the hard-luck attitude, the rugged vocal, the sense of adventure, and the sense of humor.Pretty lo-fi, and it should be. The vocal is right up front though, and it's a good'n. You will be rolling on the floor laughing...." Jeff Coleman

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Gordon from plasticpsychobabble reviewed these tracks on MP3com.


Good Morning Blues Happy Dance Remix : A remix of Good Morning Blues by Anrkeboy (see below). This is what Gordon our favorite reviewer has to say: "Sounds like Mick Jagger doing some kind of techno song. A cool mix of genre. Techno Blues. It works well. "

Anrkeboy, a wild groover from Colorado wrote these reviews and even remixed the ol' Good Mornin' Blues Listen to his fun dance mix