What time it is? / Paris 1/06/2001 Lari Lucien

I wake up in the morning
The sun is shining bright
My baby lays beside me
And everything's all right
What time it is?

My daddy he got a wristwatch
My grandpa he got a clock
My baby got a cellular phone
That wakes her up with rock
What time it is?

Now people they ask me questions
They ask me how and why
They ask me for directions
But I cannot tell a lie
What time it is?

Now I ain't got no answer
But here's what you can do
You can ask that funky drummer
there 'cause maybe he got a clue
What time it is?

Now it ain't time to argue
And it ain't time to fight
It ain't time to hate each other
Ain't it time we saw the light?
What time it is?

It's time to teach
It's time to preach
It's time to get the message through
That love is all we need
And faith in what we do
What time it is?
See mister see

I can hear the bells a ringing
Can you hear them ringing too
Listen deep inside your heart
Cause you know it's telling you
What time it is?

See mister see
What time it is?
See mister see

What time it is? live @ Atmosphère : Lari Lucien: guitar, vocals / Claudie Decultis: vocals, / Perry Leopard: guitar, vocals / Raymond Lairy: tub bass / Tahar Boukhlifa: guitar / recorded by Lari

What time it is? live @ Campus Studios : Lari, Perry Leopard, Jerome lefdup, François Martin, Tahar Boukhlifa / recorded by Lari

What time it is? live @ La Scène : Lari, Perry, Claudie, Xtof Cadet, Crislab recorded by The Man on the Scene

What time it is ? live with Spirale / recorded by Perry

What time it is ? with CoolsBoob / recorded by Fred Girault

What reviewers from Garageband.com had to say about :What time it is live à l'Atmosphère
" the song sounds catchy, lyrics are def."

It grows on you
Sounds like a live recording , I like the intro. it has a live bar crowd in the begining . The lyrics are cool and the band seems to be having fun good song

With atmosphere
Sweet Melody .... I like the atmosphere in the recording.
- MusicSTEVE Dortmund, Nrw, Germany

Almost a Rollin' Stone !
I liked the song and the arrangements...Sounds like it could have been a long lost unreleased Rolling Stones track !....The style ,I mean !...Well done !...and "live" too !

live song
I dont mind this song, it sounds real.
I am not in the pub with them, though.
Song: Um, its OK. Its a simple singalong thingy.
Lyrics: something about time - difficult to hear them
melody: its a stompin song,
- elgrugafinyano Hometown, Atlantis, Canada April 23rd, 2004

wow, live.
Very typical song, but hey, I'm all for tradition. This is a fun diddy. The chorus makes me wanna jump up and sing along. Great bringing the bells in. Fun.
Extra Credit: Melody.
- ethanscott, Chandler, Arizona

ah ,i like the live sound, sounds like open mic night, the keys are cool, interesting
- JCherry, Salt Lake, Utah

Pour me another one...
This must be a live recording - I hear a bar in the background. I think I'd enjoy being there, listening to this piece. Nice piano work, and nice vocal interplay. It seems like an inspirational piece.
Extra Credit: Male Vocals.

Almost more country than blues. But maybe it fits in there somewhere. Like a hybrid between Country and Blues. It sounds like this was recorded in a crowded bar. Which was an added bonus. This was very catchy, and the vocals were very different. I like the chorus, it made me want to sing along. This song was great. I really enjoyed this song. A 9 out of 5!!!
-Lou Rotten --THE BEERLEADERS ---THE TEXAS AFROS Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Keyboards/Organ/Piano, Melody, Mood, Originality, Best Feel Good Track.
- ragethesage , A Little Pub In, Southern, Ireland

Rolling along tune w/cool lyrics
I thought the lyrics and melody fit together like a glove. I liked all the different voices, how they blended thoughout the track. Nice builds and energy goin on. Best of luck to you all!
Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Female Vocals, Lyrics.
- stringman3, Parker, Colorado

i think its 420-o'clock
not so much blues, as i would call it post-420 classic jam. The song was about as basic as you can get - but that made it easy to tap yer foot and groove on, too. The lyrics and melody followed suit as well. about as special as an old Ford beater truck - not so original, but it does the job well. The recording quality alone is enough to give you a contact high! Extra Credit: Production.
- conlybetter, St. Charles, Missouri

when I hear this one it reminds me of my parents old Lennon Bootleg.
Expect to hear to Beatles shoot off some quirky comments in the background. Was this a jam session? Extra Credit: Originality.
- Mommager, Brampton, Ontario, Canada

I like the way this one starts, the crowd is cool sounding
- A_Priori, Hornersville, Missouri

Am I in a bedroom w/ John & Yoko?
Song is ok, makes me laugh, and I mean it as feel good. Just hangin' out & kinda jammin w/ some pals. I like the high vox treatment overlays in the background. Lyrics make a statement. Some might call it trite...me, the whole music business is trite, but we all have a place, don't we.
Melody, well, it reminds me of a Plastic Ono Band project. It was ok, makes me chuckle, that's a plus. What time it is...anyway???
Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Mood, Grooviest Rhythm.
- artmusic213, Dallas, Texas

« ...lyrically I liked the song, very interesting way of blending your words to create harmonies and melodies between the musicians.. »- drusty007
Cahaba Heights, Alabama

good lyrics
song and melody are universal--who cares tho--i even caught the hook--what time it is? thus this live box guitar ditty beats all the slick canadien nothings--you'd think people would stop hating the usa--we can't help it if we're cool--it's like if a girl is beautiful--she can't help that--cool--my reviews are starting to become like songs--anyway--good song
Extra Credit: Lyrics, Mood, Originality.
- Mike_Connelly ,Jefferson City, Missouri


this song is awesome
melody rules. i wish i was one of those people in the back round, like the Beach Boys Barbara Ann, and this song is equally if not cooler. awesome
Extra Credit: Melody, Best Feel Good Track.
- dust_jamie_dust ,Montreal, Quebec, Canada

live and studio?
Reminds me of open stage night at the local pub. There's always some drunk who gets up on stage and goes for it. Sounds like the vocalist was recorded live and the rest was added in a studio. The contrast makes the song more interesting than it would have been otherwise.
- MisterCorduroy ,Toledo, Ohio

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