Rennes 1991 , Lari Lucien

I hear you on my radio,
I see you on my Tv screen
You're looking good,
You're looking half your age

I walk into the store
and buy myself a magazine
And see your face
on almost every page

Now the clock strikes one
You're having fun
You know now that life is a ball
and the clock strikes two
and look at you
standing alone in the hall
Well look around

The assholes and the hypocrits
The hustlers and the double-twits
will try to steal a piece of your soul
But every limit has an edge
And I don't recall who it was said
the easy way out is the stroll

And now the clock strikes three
and look at me
singing out here on the pavement
The clock strikes four
you lock your door
Bodyguards wake on your slumber
Well look around

Yes and the clock strikes five
You still alive
You've even got someone to hold
Yes and the clock strikes six
you pull your tricks
and turn these emotions to gold
Well look around

recorded in 1992 with Jomo at Chaudron Studios & Caulaincourt studios / Lari Lucien: acoustic guitar, vocals, steel drum / Jomo: electric guitar, background vocals