Bobby’s in the kitchen with his eighteen wheeler
when ding goes the door and it’s the dustpan dealer.
Put his finger on the button and the bell went ding,
for it’s the bell and not the door and not the door goes ding.
So Bobby opened up to the dustpan dealer,
said "Whatcha got to sell ? And won’t you please come in?"
The dustpan dealer was a real freewheeler,
he sat down on the sofa, said : "I got this thing :
I got the dustpan boogie,
got the dustpan news,
got the dustpan fever,
and I got the dustpan blues."
Lari Lucien, Paris © 1990

Dustpan Blues
, by 21stCENTURY FOLKs live at le Petit Ney 14/5/2004,
featuring : Lari Lucien guitar & vocals / Perry Leopard, electric guitar / Crislab, bass / Xtoff Cadet, drums / added harmonicas, Lari.